To Developers

  • Semantic html code
    Thanks to its cascading style this code is much easier for understanding and allows to change easily the look and feel of your project. It downloads faster, makes site updates easier, aids accessibility, tends to improve your placement on search engines.
  • Module system
    Our reliable and logical system structure allows to set each module for a specific project task and so provide a better service.
  • Multilayered architecture
    A multilayered architecture of the platform allows to add easily innovative and effective technologies without changing the whole system.
  • Low barriers to entry
    A standardized platform development process aids low barriers to entry, and in its turn it allows to increase a lot the effectiveness of performance when working with the system.
  • YII Framework
    Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework, which shows high performance, quick results and wireframing.
  • Industrial solutions
    The system uses a wide range of advanced industrial solutions such as Hadoop, Apache Lucene, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, MogileFS. It gives the opportunity to use the latest achievements of the world of technologies and easily change one solution for another.
  • Horizontal and vertical scalability
    This principle allows to develop powerful and fast-growing products without paying a fortune for new expensive servers and waiting long for developers to relaunch the system.
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