PHOENIX PLATFORM is an advanced and innovative platform that allows to launch social curation projects with ease. It is based on such fundamental principles as universality, interactivity, high-speed performance, quick operation, stability, scalability and standardization of all the processes.

The platform is designed and developed by the team of qualified specialists for creation and maintenance of internal and partners’ projects, both in programming and monetization of products.

Our development team has extensive experience with high load systems, support of products after their launch and bringing them to marketing effectiveness and ROI.


The platform can accept and launch a wide range of different project types. Unlike the WL platform, this platform is much more powerful and doesn’t limit your opportunities. When other platforms can offer you just a limited list of possible product services, our site builder system gives you the freedom to create a unique project the way want it to be.

High-speed performance

The platform widely uses the principles of interactive website and other new developments and advanced technologies for creation of the best products on the market.

High Performance

The system offers the advanced services for a quick and significant project growth and is able to withstand high loads. The development team consists of experts in launch and maintenance of projects with the search request volume up to 20 million per day and aimed at sending up to 0.5 billion emails per month.


The entire development process is standardized so that its barriers to entry was minimal.


The system supports vertical and horizontal scaling of all subsystems.