Create a variety of sites with a wide range of tasks using our unique revolutionary technical solutions!

Semantic html code

Easily change the look of your project with a cascading style. Get faster loading times, easier site updates, higher availability, and better search engine placement.

Module system

Our logical system structure allows us to customize each module for a specific project task and thus provide a better service.

YII Framework

A fast, secure and professional PHP framework with high performance, fast results and wireframing.

Industrial solutions

Use Hadoop, Apache Lucene, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, MogileFS, and other advanced industrial solutions to access the latest achievements in the world of technology.

Multilayered architecture

Add innovative and efficient technologies without changing the entire system.

Horizontal and vertical scalability

Develop powerful and fast-growing products without paying a fortune for new servers and downtime while waiting for the system to relaunch.

Low barriers to entry

Reduce barriers to entry and improve your performance efficiency when working with the system.


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